Start of Week 2, Marathon Training

I did three miles as I was supposed to.  Three is almost routine now.  Not such a big deal.  I have ironed out the kinks with the Nike Plus and the Ipod and reworked some of my song choices.  I also know that a miles takes me 12 minutes so 3 miles takes me 36 minutes.  I multiply by 12 and know how long my run will take.  It has become more routine for me to do the run.  I have to work it into Juliet’s nap schedule, so I often go when she is asleep.  Jeremy mans the baby moniter and I can get out and run.

I have also started thinking about what marathon to run (IF I actually run one)  The Omaha one is September 23.  Now, vacation is pretty hard for me to get but I just HAPPEN to have it that week.  Also, Omaha is my home town.  So that seems the most logical.  Having vacation at that time seemed a little wierd.  It removed a big obstacle for me, opens the way for me to actually run it.  But I hear Omaha has a lot of hills.  But I can always go down there and drive it one and see how bad it is.

I don’t avoif hills when I train.  I actually like them as they push me to get just a little stronger on the runs.  Sometimes on flat terrain, I will do a 10 second all-out sprint as part of my run, sprint, recover, sprint, recover.  I am well aware that the more I tax myself, the more I will progress as an athelete.

This week culminates in a long run of 6 miles.  That seems long but I think I can do it.


I did my FIVE FUCKING MILES today.  It was hard.  I wanted to walk so often.  But I plowed through it.  I am not sure if I want to do this challenge or not.  I am so tired.  I hurt.  But what The Book says, €œit doesn’t matter.  No matter what is wrong with the run, if your knees hurt, you are getting pelted by hail, you get a blister…no matter what, it doesn’t matter and you just keep running.  marathoners run in the rain and sleet and ahil and at night and early inthe morning and whenever they need to to get the running done.  I knew I had to plow ahead and focus on something else so I could forget the pain and keep putting down my feet, one after another.  Those steps added into inchese and feet and miles and then I was DONE.  Thank GOD!  Done!  




Recalibrate-getting ready

I feel weak today.  Weak and tired.  I was going to bag the whole running thing today, especially since I am supposd to do my first 5 miles.  So I wanted to calibrate my Nike Plus so I went to the Mopac Trail (a Lincoln fav) and ran a known mile.  Then I walked some and then I ran another ½.  Nothing impressive.  I just need to do something.  I am on for 5 tomarrow. 


I will beat Dillsmack!!!

Today the plan was for a three mile run.  The Nike Plus went above and beyond yesterday as I plowed through puddles, rain, and hail to get my four miles in.  This morning, the pouch for the Nike Plus sensor arrived.  The sensor fits inside the little neoprene puch which then attaches to my shoelaces and off I go.  The only problem was that after thrirty minutes of running, the Nike Plus said I had barely coverd 2 miles.  Now that seemed rather short to me, given the fact that I am usually on pace for 11 or 12 minute miles.  But I kept running, thinking, €œoaky, maybe I am a little slow or something.€  After 50 minutes of running, I had only gone 2.7 miles and I decided to throw in the towel.  I was pretty sure I had done the planned 3 miles and was getting tired and pissed that my beloved Nike Plus was not logging my run properly. 


Fuck, now Dillsmack would be ahead of me!  Oh yeah, and it was raining too! What is going on with all the rain from 3-5 pm every day?  I don€™t expect sun but maybe I could catch a little bit of even reasonable weather!


I came home and  began to explain my technical woes to my mom.  She said, €œwell, Dillsmakc is like 15 years yonger than you and you have had a baby.€  Okay, mom, that doesn€™t make me DEAD!  I still want to duke it out even when I know that someone is probably in way better physical shape then me.  I have to try.  Plus this initial running challenge of 20 miles is more about effort than ability.  We are both able to run so it is just a matter of logging the miles first.  I will bet him, I must beat him, he will admit defeat!!


Run Number 2-UPS Man Please HELP!!

I had to do four miles today.  I noticed the grey sky and clouds and was worried, but I went.  Then it rained a little and then harder and harder.  Then I was totally soaked but kept reunning.  Then it hailed.  Yes, HAIL and I kept running.  I turned towards home and even thought I would ask the UPS truck to take me home and get me out of the rain but I was commited to the run. At three miles, I was home but wanted to finish the whole thing so I kept running and completed 4 miles.  I was so wet, it was almost comical, like I had stepped into the shower with my cloths on.  I was cold but overheated too so my skin was all red and glowing when I stripped down.  I felt powerful.  Strong.  Invincilbe.  I had overcome myself.  I had beaten my own sloth.  I had beaten my own past filled with exercise failures.  I had run father then I had ever run before. 

I came inside the hosue and I was wet like I had just stepped out of the shower.  My feet were soaked through to the socks and I worried for the safety of the Nike Plus which was carried inside my laces.  I had hit a few puddles.  But everything seemed to be working okay.  So far, so good.  I worry how long I can continue this but I am just going to do the days, knock them off one by one and see how far I get.


Off and Running! My First Run.

First run of training.  I went to Madonna, checked the baby into daycare and hit the streets around the health club.  The Nike Plus is amazing.  I love how it tells me how far I have gone and how much is left.  I ran slow.  It was easy.  Not that bad.  I did three without too much of an effort.  Afterward, I told everyone how that was the fartherest I had ever run before.  Ever.

I am doing the training recomended in a book, “”The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer.””  That pretty much says it all.  The book is based on a class taught at the University of Northern Iowa.  A couple hundred people have done this specific program to prepare-mostly non-runners.  Well, I pretty much fall into that category so I am betting that I can do the program and make a marathon too.